https://www.isrubber.com.tw/en/contact.html I S Rubber CO ; LTD https://www.isrubber.com.tw/en/images/corpimg.png 242 新北市新莊區瓊林南路42巷19號 $ 02-2205-3619 Far Infrared Invention Patent Technology Counseling for resaleIS Rubber Co. Ltd. successfully developed far infrared silicon facial mask (product name: Energy Facial Mask) supported by Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program of New Taipei City Government. The effectiveness of the product has been examined by the Cosmetics Lab. It shows non-radiative, non-irritant, and capable of increasing absorption of facial care products.Energy Facial Mask uses the human body temperature to stimulate the material to produce far infrared heat that can massage facial acupoints and skin to increase blood flow and metabolism. With proper usage and cleaning process, the product can be reused as it is not damaged. Additionally, it can be used without external power and is environmentally friendly.Redness下降8% , Melanin下降9% , Skin hydration上升8% , Transepidermal Water loss下降14% , Frictional resistance下降8% , Spots下降7% , UV Spots下降18% , Brown Spots下降8% , Red areas下降14%  , Wrinkes下降20% , Texture下降13% , Pores下降11% ,Porphyrins下降17%        明顯差異大>效果好人體實驗測試報告Human experiment test reportEnergy Facial Mask has been awarded a lot, such as Silver Medal at Italian Int’l Invention Exhibition in 2011, Gold Medal at Taipei Int’l Invention Show & Technomart in 2015, and Bronze Medal at Concours Lepine Int’l Paris in 2017 respectively. Moreover, Energy Facial Mask has been granted for Taiwan Invention Patent in 2013 (Patent No. I401045). 
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I S Rubber CO ; LTD
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242 新北市新莊區瓊林南路42巷19號
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